Concrete Lung - Waste Of Flesh EP Review
Track Listing
1 - Breathe In The Monochrome
2 - Recovery Positon
3 - Pyre Burns
4 - Destructive
5 - Waste Of Flesh
6 - Sins Of Flesh (Remix)
7 - Graveyard Recovery (Remix)

Having heard Concrete Lung live a few times, I had a good idea of what to expect from their newest EP, “Waste Of Flesh”. On stage the band doesn’t appear to be anything special however after my first listening of the EP, I was already pleasantly surprised. Despite only being a 2 piece (both in the studio and live) they have managed to successfully use a wide range of instruments, so much so that it is impossible for them to all be played simultaneously. Its no wonder the studio outing of “Waste Of Flesh” sounds better than during their live shows.

Concrete Lung have created their own brand of Industrial, reminiscent of early Ministry and Skinny Puppy works. Combining harsh distorted guitar riffs, with electronic overtones, they are bringing back a style that very few bands appear to play these days.

The opening beats of the EP. “Breathe In The Monochrome”, come in hard and heavy, with thumping percussion beats filled in with harsh electronic work. It is not long until it is followed in with a distorted guitar riff, and finished off with the addition of the vocals. The majority of the track is hard and hitting, and flows nicely onwards however there appears to be the odd moment or two where the sounds all seem to merge into one and get a bit messy. Luckily this is the only track in the EP where it appears to happen.

“Pyre Burns” is one of the slower tracks on the album, with laid back verses having a slightly errie almost gothic feel to them nicely contrast with the thumping hard hitting beats in the chorus. After the slower track the EP carries on back in the style of the first few tracks, with the hard hitting old school industrial beats.

The final two tracks are remix’s of two of the EP’s tracks, “Waste Of Flesh” and “Recovery Position”. The remix’s create a different sound to the originals and help create a new breath of life into the tracks. “Sins Of Flesh” is a 7 minute long number which is nearly entirely instrumental, with only a few sampled vocal lines scattered throughout the track. It takes on a more electronic approach than the rest of the tracks on “Waste Of Flesh” however works well as a remix. “Graveyard Recovery” although not as obviously different from the original as “Sins Of Flesh”, still creates a nice alternative version of the song, it appears a lot more stripped down, almost as if it could have been an early demo stage of the song.
Posted on 14 Jul 2010 by Jason
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