AlterRed - Bind Until It Breaks EP Review
Track Listing
1 - Fleshbind
2 - Broken Glass
3 - Amphetamine Chic
4 - The Patient
5 - Fleshbind (Dried Flesh Mix)

Having been aware of AlterRed for the best part of a year now, and seeing them support some top name acts, such as Combichrist, KMFDM and London After Midnight, it is good to eventually hear a studio outing from them. “Bind Until It Breaks” is the debut release from AlterRed. Released as a build up to their debut album later this year, it contains a range of tracks from the bands current repertoire. A couple which have become fan favourites within their live sets, a couple of slightly newer songs and a previously unheard remix.

For those that don’t know, AlterRed create their own unique style of “Electro”, combining elements from a wide range of influences. They successfully mix together synth pop melodies with EBM beats to devlop a fresh and exciting sound. There is no real way of describing the style that they play, but if you mashed together elements of early Depeche Mode, early Front 242 and IAMX you may start to get close.

The opening track “Fleshbind” nicely opens the EP, starting off gradually. It builds up adding more and more layers as the intro of the song progresses. It’s not long until the vocals of AlterRed himself kick in and the track is in full swing, with the more EBM beats nicely in the background to help keep the track flowing. The remix version that finish’s off the EP is thankfully noticeably different to the original. Containing a lot harder EBM beats, and less of a vocal approach it helps create a new version of the song which works as well as that of the original.

“Broken Glass” is a lot more of an electro outing than the other tracks. . It is slightly more laid back track with some nice synth work during the chorus. The beats are a lot softer to give a nice relaxing point to an otherwise hard hitting EP. Saying that “Broken Glass” is by no means a soft track, or in any way a diversion of the AlterRed sound.

The into of “Amphetamine Chic” is where the vocals are really shown off. The backing music is minimal to allow the vocals more room to soar, but contains enough layers too still sound top quality. However it is not long until the EBM beats featured in “Fleshbind” kick back in, only adding to the power of the vocal melody.

Like “Broken Glass”, “The Patient” originally appears as if it should be a more laid back track, with the bulk of the melody being piano based it’s not hard to see why you could think that, but a pounding beat marches its way through the track keeping the beat as the song progresses.

Having heard the first 4 tracks featured on the EP numerous times within the bands live sets, with almost every time being to the same consistently high standard, it seemed hard to see how AlterRed could make the tracks sound any better. However the studio mastering is done to such standard as to give the music new edges of life.

Overall though “Bind Until It Breaks” is the EP that AlterRed have needed to get them fully off the mark, with a top quality debut release and top quality live shows, it wont be long until a lot more is heard from AlterRed.
Posted on 22 Jun 2010 by Jason
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