Shiv-R - Hold My Hand Album Review
Track Listings
01 - Buried
02 - Parasite
03 - The End (Part 1)
04 - Corruption
05 - Blood Splatter
06 - Happiness
07 - Burning Chrome
08 - Map The Feedback
09 - Taste
10 - Open My Vein
11 - Suffer
12 - The End (Part 2)

Having never heard of Shiv-R before, it was hard to know what to expect. Upon realising that the album was mastered by Kolja Trelle, aka Soman, it gave me some hope that Shiv-R’s debut “Hold My Hand” would be an album worth listening too. However starting the album it was not the rhythmic noise that I had come to suspect.

“Hold My Hand” is a dark and twisting delight containing a mix of hard hitting club beats and dark haunting neoclassical electro. The first couple of tracks “Buried” and “Parasite” start out on the darker end of the spectrum. with the vast majority of the tracks being instrumental. Vocals are sparse but well placed to ensure maximum effect.

The next few tracks are a lot more club minded, with hard beats and vocals all the way through. Although the dark atmospheric electro is still present it takes a more back seat role in order to emphasise the beats and vocals. Unlike most releases these days, the vocals are generally smooth and clean, without the need for heavy distortion featured in most industrial outfits.

As the album progresses it is clear that Shiv-R have released a decent debut. Being the joint collaboration of Lee Bulig (Stark) and Pete Crane (The Crystalline Effect) the two members have taken samples of their previous work and combined their sound to make something new. Even living in separate countries, (Lee in Bangkok and Pete in London) hasn’t stopped them from writing in sync and creating something which works.

Shiv-R are a fresh and exciting new project. They are a dark atmospheric outing who will no doubt grow from hear on. With top name bands such as Soman and XP8 supporting (and remixing) them it is clear that they are getting the receiving they deserve.
Posted on 17 Jun 2010 by Jason
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