Kant Kino - We Are Kant Kino... You Are Not... Album Review
Track Listings
01 - We Are Kant Kino
02 - Firebrigade
03 - Submissive Nation
04 - Invisible Tears
05 - Stillel
06 - Owner Of The House
07 - Red Rain
08 - Forgotten Faces
09 - Soulfood
10 - You Gave Me Nothing
11 - This Is Why
12 - Tales
13 - Fight! (Kant Kino vs amGod Wax Off Remix)

Having first heard Kant Kino on an Alfa Matrix record label sampler a few months back, I had a ruff idea of what to expect. The opening track “We Are Kant Kino” nicely does what it says and gives you a good idea of what to expect on the rest of the album. After a brief intro the dirty old school EBM beats that feature throughout the album soon kick in, along with the distorted vocals of both Lars Madsen and Kenneth Fredstie.

While the EBM beats continue into the next track “Firebrigade” the distortion on the vocals is heavily reduced. The track appears to be a lot simpler than the majority of the other tracks on the album; however is nowhere near a weaker track. With a sound reminiscent of early Leaether Strip it is looking like Kant Kino are starting off there career in a top position.

The next few tracks are all very much in the same style. Like the opening track, they feature distorted vocals, and almost every track is of the highest quality. It’s no wonder that they have already shared a line-up with some top name bands, such as Apoptygma Bezerk and Front 242. They may be a while away from having the back catalogue of these two bands, but if “We Are Kant Kino… You Are Not” is anything to go by Kant Kino are deserving off their support place.

Despite being heavily influenced by old school 80’s EBM, Kant Kino have created something new and fresh, combining it with dancier more techno beats, to help make their own sound. This is certainly a debut worth listening too and a band worth looking out for in the future.
Posted on 15 Jun 2010 by Jason
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