Suicidal Romance - Shattered Heart Reflections Album Review
Track Listings
01 - Interlude
02 - Touch
03 - Words That Change Everything
04 - Make Me Blind
05 - Love Stays The Same
06 - Her Song
07 - We’re Wanting More
08 - Dreamers
09 - Build Me A Heart
10 - S. H. R.

After a very brief opening track “Interlude”, which as the name suggests may well have been better placed in the middle of the album rather then at the very beginning, Suicidal Romance ease into the start of their newest offering, “Shattered Heart Reflections”. The first full track off the album “Touch” kicks in with some light electro beats, with a more piano based overtone. It’s not long before the melodic female vocals of Viktoria Seimar kick in and start the track of fully. As the track progresses, the beats start to speed up and the vocals are nicely dueted with that of band leader Dmitry i.

By the time the next track is reached “Words That Change Everything” the band are in full swing. They have reached a good speed with thumping electro beats driving the tracks onwards. In contrast to the previous track, this one starts up with the vocals of Dmitry i, however it is not long until the female vocals mix in to create one of the best tracks on the album.

Everything that follows is a highly danceable club friendly number with top quality beats and nice vocals to match. It may not be completely unheard off for an electro band to mix both male and female vocals over their beats, but Suicidal Romance does it to perfection. With every track being worthy of being played on a dance floor and hopefully receiving the reaction it deserves.

As the album carries on and starts to draw to a close there is still time for plenty more catchy synth tunes and a wide range of highly respectable operatic female vocal lines. With this being only the second album under Suicidal Romance’s wing it is a good sign that there is plenty more to come from this band.
Posted on 14 Jun 2010 by Jason
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