Freakangel - The Faults Of Humanity Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Frailty
02 - Gods Blind Game
03 - My Darling Bullet
04 - Crawling In The Dark
05 - The Last White Dance
06 - Curse. Forgive. Kill. Curve.
07 - Together Against It
08 - It’s Not A Love Song
09 - Price For All Of Us
10 - Under Code
11 - Finale

After successfully being voted ‘Best Up And Coming Act’ gained them a slot on record label Alfa Matrix’s highly successful compilation release “Endzeit Bunkertracks”, Freakangel have launched their debut album.

Freakangel draw together a range of aggrotech and dark electro influences to create their own dance floor friendly style. Hailing from Estonia, they are the newest project of Dmitry i (Suicidal Romance), fr0zen (Cyclone B) and Art (ex-Kamaloka).

The Album opens with “Gods Blind Game”. Having previously been featured on “Endzeit Bunkertracks” the track presents a welcome return to common ground. Opening with a purely synth melody, its not long before the hard aggrotech beats hit in and bring the track into life, From hear on in the track is danceable all the way through. Twisting melodys and hard bass lines create a sound similar to that of Grendel and Psyclon Nine, the addition of a more metal sounding guitar rift, help give Freakangel their own unique sound.

The tracks which follow very much continue in the same fashion. “My Darling Bullet” nicely draws on the influence of Dmitry’s other band Suicidal Romance, with the addition of some well placed female backing vocals. It could have been nice to have them featured in a few more tracks, however none of the tracks appear to suffer by lacking them.

Overall a nice debut which will no doubt start the band off on a well deserved trail of success. It hopefully won’t be long until Freakangel are a well know dance floor filling band, played in clubs worldwide
Posted on 08 Jun 2010 by Jason
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