Joe Black - Monday 24th May 2010 - Wave Gotik Treffen, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, Germany - Live Review
Set List
01 - Opening - Charleston Intro
02 - Icarus
03 - No Butts
04 - Cemetary Polka
05 - Money Made The World Go Round
06 - The I Don’t Like You Very Much Song
07 - Intermission - Beat Circus
08 - Tango Till They’re Sore
09 - Happy Birthday Mr Black
10 - Reviewing The Situation
11 - Missed Me
12 - Hit Me Baby One More Time
13 - Saint
14 - Encore - Mein Herr

Despite being one of the more unusual acts on the festival bill, for a goth festival at least, Joe Black graced the headline slot at the Moritzbastei. Taking to the stage he instantly defied all expectations, with the venue in front of him filled to capacity, with a mixture of fans and people determined to see what all the fuss was about queuing out the door, eager to get in.

Stumbling across the stage, bottle of wine in hand, he falls to his piano stall, and begins his set with the “Charleston Intro”. The audience instantly spring into life, clapping away to the tune of the piano. The set that follows includes a range of songs; all written in Joe’s unique cabaret style, covering a range of topics from money to ex’s, diving into the up’s and down’s of the world, and mixing in a bit about Joe’s sexual pleasures, or rather his hatred off anal. As the show starts to draw to a close, Mister Black pops on a rather flattering beard to magically transform himself into Fagin for his version of the Oliver hit “Reviewing The Situation”. As well as covers of The Dresden Dolls “Missed Me” which successfully gets an enormous chunk of the audience singing away, and his rendition of Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby One More Time”

The entire set is filled with a mix of musical delight, comedy, showmanship, and stage presence. With comedy both within the song lyrics and in a more stand up style in between songs. Even with the majority of the audience not speaking English as their first language, Joe still keeps them laughing all the way through. For those who understood every word, it is clear that attention to every little detail has been taken into consideration, carefully planning a show to flow nicely from one song to another.

The atmosphere and illusion created on stage fully entwined the audience into Joe’s unique world, and left them waiting for more. Despite Mister Black being some what hesitant about an encore before the show, when the fans demand more they must be reward and a final track was added to round off the night. Even after the show was completed, many fans waited around for Joe to emerge from backstage, just to congratulate on a job well done.
Posted on 31 May 2010 by Jason
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