Goteki - The Summer Of Santa Muerte EP’s Review
Track Listings
EP1 - Shoot Me Dead
01 - Shoot Me Dead
02 - Shoot Me Dead (The Gentlemen Distortionist Remix)
03 - Floored
04 - Shoot Me Dead (Goteki's Zombie Lennon Revenge Remix)
05 - Nevada Dawn (Version)

EP2 - Journey To Storyville
01 - Journey To Storyville
02 - Folsom Prison Blues
03 - Loose Cannon
04 - Journey To Storyville (Dual Acoustic Live 2008 @Interzone)
05 - Journey To Storyville (Goteki's 77 Firebird Remix)

EP3 - Atlantic Pacific
01 - Atlantic Pacific
02 - Atlantic Pacific (Logan Sky Synthesised Mix)
03 - L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever)
04 - Atlantic Pacific (Goteki's Lost Disco Of Atlantis Remix)
05 - Song About A Girl

EP4 - Take Me To Your Lover
01 - Take Me To Your Lover
02 - Take Me To Your Lover (Vi Rez's Dark Matter Remix)
03 - Take Me To Your Lover (Code 64 Remix)
04 - Take Me To Your Lover (Crash's Cure For Vertigo Remix)
05 - Take Me To Your Lover (Coloureds Remix)

After a long break Goteki return with a collection of 4 EP's. All released a month apart (in theory) as a build up to there long overdue comeback album. The EP's each contain 5 tracks containing a mixture of everything an EP should, new material, remix's, live recordings and cover songs. They appear to be the perfect way for the band (which in the studio are the solo project of Ross Tregenza) to get back into the swing of things.

The first EP, Shoot Me Dead is a very electronic outing, with even the vocals on the title track being synthesised. Goteki have however successfully created a catchy tune which after a few listens is easily stuck in your mind, and you find yourself knowing it word for word. The other two tracks on the EP are a lot more synth based then the title track (and the two remixs of it) however still contains a lot of electronic beats throughout.

The second EP, Journey To Storyville oddly has the underlying roots of country music, but of course it has been given the full Goteki electoindustiral treatment to bring it up to date. The acoustic live track helps add to the country undertones and with the EP even featuring a cover of a Johnny Cash song "Folsom Prison Blues", Gotkei have gone out of there way to show the multi dimensional levels of the bands influences and styles. The whole EP was a very daring and ambitious task however after listening to it appears to have worked out well for the band.

The third EP, Atlantic Pacific contains much more synth based tracks. With the title track, like those of the previous two EP's, being instantly catchy, it is clear that with "The Summer Of Santa Muerte EP's" Goteki have got back on track and are set for a decent comeback. Like the second EP, Atlantic Pacific also contains a cover, this time of Kasabian's "L.S.F". Despite the original song already being very upbeat and dancy, Goteki have once again made it there own, and added a whole new level to the song.

The forth EP, Take Me to Your Lover, brings together a lot of the elements from the previous three EP's to help show the overall Goteki sound. Despite only containing one song and various remix's off it, each track is different enough from the last to be worthy of being included on the release. There is only so many ways you can rework a song with out it sounding similer to a previous version or incredibly naff, however Goteki have successfully managed it.

Overall Goteki have returned with four top class EP's and are set to be in the best position they have ever been in. All that’s left is to spread the word however these EP's should go along way to doing that
Posted on 31 May 2010 by Jason
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