Centhron - Roter Stern Album Review
Track Listing
01 - WK III
02 - Bitch of Dreams
03 - Dreckstuck
04 - Orkan
05 - Spharen von Ost
06 - Cleopatra
07 - Godmachine
08 - Fast Blast
09 - Kaltes Fleisch
10 - Roter Stern
11 - Testosteron
12 - Seelenflug im Rotbereich
13 - Die Galeere

Picking up much where their previous release “Gott Werk” left off. Centhron’s newest album, “Roter Stern”, is another hard hitting, dance floor friendly, Industrial outing, which covers a wide range of sub genres as it moves from track to track. However despite the huge range of influences Centhron have managed to draw it all together to create a sound that works and have a created yet another top quality album which nicely flows from track to track.

The album starts very upbeat with a couple of Soman-esque, highly danceable tracks, “WK III” and “Bitch of Dreams”. The tempo changes and structure in the songs help get the blood pumping, while giving moments to rest in between before another hard hitting assault, making them ideal tracks for any dance floor. The addition of Psyclon Nine style vocals to the tracks help give the band something a bit more unique and round of the songs nicely.

The next track, “Dreckstuck” is a very aggrotech based, Combichrist style song. The catchy melodys in between the vocals help to give the song an upbeat tempo, and the harsh under hitting drum line helps drive the track on at a fast beat that’s bound to get anyone listening to it dancing for hours

The next few tracks, continue to mix things up and show off the high standard of song writing the band have developed. Every note, every sound, every lyric, is so well placed it is amazing how the band are not better known. It’s almost as if there determined to become the worlds best kept secret. Musically there appears to be very little the band can do to improve on their sound. They are succeeding in sounding different, within a genre where a lot of newer bands all sound the same.

It isn’t long until you hit the eerie opening of “Cleopatra”. Unlike most of the other tracks on the album, “Cleopatra” starts off a lot slower and by doing so instantly draws you in. However a ballard based industrial song just wouldn’t work so its not long before the vocals and additionally synth lines come in to quickly bring up the tempo of the song. Only to drop off for another slower patch about three quarters of the way through. Every part of the song draws together nicely to create one of the top tracks on the album.

“Kaltes Fleisch” gives the addition of gothic female backing vocals which is a nice touch to the song, and helps give it that little bit more texture. Although they have been featured in a few other tracks (Cleopatra, Godmachine) they take on a lot heavier role in “Kaltes Fleisch”. The vocals sound fresh due to only being used in a couple of places on the whole album, and appear to have, like every other feature of the album, been delicately placed to perfection.

The final few tracks nicely round off the album. With hard hitting danceable beats throughout “Roter Stern” is an album truly worth purchasing. The songs are all likely to fill any dance floor and despite the album being 13 tracks long they all sound unique and different from the songs before.

Like their previous releases, Centhron have once again created a top quality synth based industrial album, which sounds fresh and different to a lot of other bands out there. They draw together a wide range of sounds to create something to call there own, and it surely can’t be much longer until they become a lot better known and a top name on the industrial scene.
Posted on 31 May 2010 by Jason
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