My Passion - Corporate Flesh Party Album Review
Track Listing
1 - Crazy & Me
2 - Play Dirty
3 - Day Of The Bees
4 - Never Everland
5 - Winter For Lovers
6 - Hot In The Dolls House
7 - After Calais
8 - Thanks For Nothing
9 - The Fabulous Blood Disco
10 - Plastic Flesh Party
11 - Vultures Are People Too

Containing a mixture of tracks both old and new, Corporate Flesh Party is the eagerly awaited and long overdue debut album of My Passion. Having risen to fame via a long and tiring myspace promotion campaign, My Passion are a band that have worked hard to reach the stage they are at. Having overcome a drastic line-up change, with the loss of their keyboard player, they have redeveloped their sound to make it stronger then ever, and Corporate Flesh Party is the result.

Despite being 3 or 4 years in the making, the time had come to release an album. With numerous singles being released over the past 3 years it is easy to look back and see just how far the band have come since their early days. The older tracks featured on the album have been reworked to bring them up to date with the bands current sound. When they were first released they sounded good and My Passion were worthy of being one of the top unsigned bands out there. Now the songs are better than ever, and even if every track on this album had been previously released it would still be well worth purchasing, even if just to see how far the band have come.

However not wanting to disappoint anyone, half the album are songs that are previously unreleased. These tracks are easily as good, if not better then anything the band have released in the past. With many of the songs quickly becoming fan favourites, due to being featured in the bands live sets, the tracks are a nice addition to the album. They help guarantee to make sure there is something for absolutely every fan of the band, old or new. While the reworking of the older songs help make the sure newer songs fit in nicely without it being obvious just how far apart some of the songs were written.

Every track on the album is of the very top quality. With no gap fillers, like so many albums seem to contain, My Passion have done themselves proud. The songs have been carefully selected, carefully reworked, and carefully ordered, to make what could easily be one of the best debut albums of 2009
Posted on 31 May 2010 by Jason
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