Dyonisis - Blue Shift EP Review
Track Listing
1 - Abyss
2 - Son Of A Preacher Man
3 - Pretty At A Distance - Blue Shift Remix
4 - Let Gohi
5 - Shamania
6 - Rainy Day- Psychedelic Kitchen Sink Mix

If your new to the sound of Dyonisis this EP shows you everything you need to know. If your a fan already having heard their debut album or seeing one of their live shows, then this EP wont disapoint.

Dyonisis cover every aspect possible throwing in a mix of original material, covers and remixs in an attempt to show the many talents of the band, and they certanly do so in style. The original material sounds fresh and unlike many bands out their at the moment. The cover song "Son Of a Preacher Man" is made their own, giving it a new and mellow feel. The Remixs take material from their self titled debut album and present the songs in a whole new way.

If the songs featured stay exclusive to this limited edition EP, then youve instantly got yourself the bargin of the century. If they dont then at only £4 youve still gained a truely excellent EP that should be in everyones collection.

For such a new band to release something of such a high quality is rare. For a band to not let record labels overpower them, and to keep the ability to release what they want, when they want, at the price they want, is rarer. For a band to do so and have it sell as quickly as "Blue Shift" has, is something the band should keep hold of and use to grow from strength to strength, as it is a true gem.

Dyonisis are unique. They are unlike anything out their, and as long as they keep control of the band have the ability to go on to much greater things.
Posted on 31 May 2010 by Jason
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