Centhron - Gottwerk Album Review
Track Listing
1 - Einheit C
2 - Gasman
3 - A tergo
4 - Wotan -E-
5 - Graue Front
6 - Cen- Die Botschaft
7 - Aetera 6
8 - Va Gina
9 - Ich war so frei
10 - Gottwerk
11 - Leichenreiter
12 - Eisenfresse
13 - Sein...Zeit...Ende

Germany may have given us so many of the top names in the world of industrial music, but so many of the bands coming out of the German scene these days all seem to sound the same. Centhron have tried hard to be something different, and "Gottwerk" may well be the album that shows their a force to be reckoned with on the international scene.

Centhron have created their own sound bringing together influences from so many of the top names in the business. Whether it be combining sounds ranging from the likes of Industrial club experts, "Soman", to those of futurepop pioneers "VNV Nation", or mixing in a vocal range ranging from the female vocals featured by "Xotox” to the gruff metal sounding vocals of "Psyclon Nine". They have created something to call their own and it works.

Sure this may not be an album for everyone, but as long as you have an open mind to different Industrial styles, Centhron are one of the better new bands to come out of the genre in recent years. There wide range of styles have made sure that there’s at least a couple of tracks for everyone, making sure no one goes away feeling disappointed. Enjoy every style on offer and your left with a top quality album that is due allot more success then it has received.
Posted on 31 May 2010 by Jason
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