Artist - Alexa De Strange

Genre: Glam Rock

JH Music’s Role: Tour Management

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Alexa De Strange was born one night over a glass of stardust in a room in South London by Frankie Ricochet and Shannon Lee. Imagine a delicious cocktail involving an East End self taught singer songwriter with a Royal Schools of Music classical protegé, and you’ve got a delicious mix. Add to that four other talented individuals including George Stergiou (guitars) and Sebastien Frey (drums), and then you’ve got the fusion of talent that is Alexa De Strange.

A creation of interstellar alternative Rock/Pop and anything else you care to dream of, Alexa De Strange releases independently from its own in house label Paranoise.

A bona fide accomplished musicians with rock star credentials, lead singer and bombshell Frankie has written with Don Black, David Garrett, Rami Jaffee and Andy Hill, along with being a professional vocal coach to many international Rock and pop vocalists.

In just over a year, the band have toured the UK and working alongside David Ryder Prangley of Rachel Stamp as their producer, and have supported bands such as Adam Ant, Toyah, Falling Red, Voodoo Six, and the Glitter Band as well as headlining their own sell out shows.

Just like a spoonful of Bella donna with a shot of absinthe, Alexa de Strange is a bitter pill to swallow perhaps – but with rock and roll the magic ingredient – its potion of additive rock ‘n’ roll looks ripe and ready to be the antidote to a scene full of wannabees.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Alexa de Strange.

Artist - Biomechanimal

Genre: Industrial / Hard Dance

JH Music’s Role: Management

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Biomechanimal is a hard dance / industrial fusion that intends to take their music to the masses. Forcing their mix of powerful bass, harsh vocals and danceable hooks down the throats of the unsuspecting, they create an instant impact on those that dare listen.

They are the brainchild of Matt Simpson, a classically trained musician who stopped wanting to hide away and rot with the others, instead choosing to stand alone, being allowed to express himself how only he desired. Blending together his true musical influences, he created a sonic assault that will force you to dance.

While Matt works alone in the studio, he is met onstage by Liam Peel who provides additional keyboards and live sequencing and Danny Preen on percussion, to help bring the party to life.

Having already been included in many remix projects, including an upcoming collaboration with Cryogenic Echelon and Studio X, Biomechanimal are creating a name for themselves, right from day one and show no signs of slowing down.