If you are interested in any of the services menioned below, please feel free to contact us via the contact section of this site. If the service you require is not mentioned, JH Music have contact with numerous other companies including Graphic Design, PR and Photography

Bookings - Starting From 10% Of Takings

JH Music will help find you shows in and around the UK. Be it a unique one off date or a UK tour, JH Music can take care of it. All dates booked through JH Music also include free promotion of the show.

Crew Work - Ask For Quote

JH Music will provide help with stage setup and dismantelling. We will make it easier for you to relax before and after shows, by setting up equiptment before your show and removing it from the stage after you have performed.

DJ - Starting from £10 per hour

JH Music can DJ for the following music genres;

  • 80's
  • EBM
  • Goth
  • Industrial
  • Metal
  • Synthpop

Fan Relations - Ask For Quote

JH Music will help maintain your fan base, keeping them up to date with everything that happens within the band, including releases and shows. We will also aim to expand your fan base through the setting up and running of a street team.

Management - Starting From 10% Of Takings

JH Music will successfully look after the day to day runnings of your band, we will aim to look after your needs and help make things easier for you, while searching to find other contacts, be it record labels, or agents.

Press Packs - Starting From £5

This includes collecting information such as

  • Biography
  • Band Details
  • Discography
  • Career Highlights
  • Upcoming Tour Dates
  • Contact Details
and combining it with
  • Logos
  • Photos
  • Reviews
JH Music will successfully collect together all of this and arrange it in a suitable way, to help provide the best oportunity for you to appeal to new promoters.

If photos or reviews are required they can be arranged at minimal extra cost, any costs that do arise will be agreed with you before any work or payment towards the press pack is carried out.

Professional Guidance - Ask For Quote

JH Music will help provide you with guidance on your musical sound and direction. We will aim to give you feedback on every aspect of your act including song writing, sound and live performance. We will help to take you from a new band to one of a proffessional standard

Reviews - Free

For studio releases, JH Music are happy to accept bands from anywhere in the world, physical CD's are prefered although high quality downloads will be accepted as a last resort.

For live shows, JH Music will generally only review shows within London, England, however there may be occasions when exceptions are made. Unless otherwise stated, free entry to the show must be organised by the artist requesting the review.