Posted on 31 Oct 2012 by Jason
Alfa Matrix signs LOVELORN DOLLS

Hailing from Brussels - Belgium, LOVELORN DOLLS is the artistic expression of
the duo Ladyhell (lyrics, vocals, arrangements) and Corpus Christi (music, programming, guitars, production).

Just how childhood can get drawn into a fantasy world, LOVELORN DOLLS lead you into an extraordinary, dark but romantic universe where Tim Burton's visuals collide against the glam touch of THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE or yet the extravaganza of a MARILYN MANSON. An exciting musical landscape mixing alternative, electro and rock and bringing allusions to acts like LACUNA COIL, EVANESCENCE and GARBAGE.

After a much acclaimed self-released EP "An Intense Feeling Of Affection" and numerous concerts across Benelux and France, the duo started recording their debut album together with renown producer Victor Love (DOPE STARS INC., OMEGA LITHIUM, etc.) and signed to the Belgian label Alfa Matrix.

Their debut album will carry us in the fairyland of "The House Of Wonders" whose fantastic sonic ambiance brilliantly gets transposed visually by the unique talent of graphic designer Gogo Melone who adds a magic dimension to this chef d'oeuvre.

A full length album rich in somber colored atmospheres, infectious beautiful melodies, carrying charming female vocals, incisive guitars and percussive drum patterns. "The House Of Wonders" will put LOVELORN DOLLS in orbit on planet goth rock metal industrial. A must-have release for all fans of female fronted modern goth metal acts. Expect it this winter on Alfa Matrix. Countdown.
Posted on 19 Apr 2012 by Jason
Deadline closing in for submissions Endzeit Bunkertracks volume 6 !

There's only one month left to enter your submission for the Alfa Matrix powered 6th edition of their famous dark elektro/power noise 4CD box compilation series "Endzeit Bunkertracks".

The compilation has over the years gathered the biggest names on the dark elektro genre and opened doors to many promising newcomers by securing them attention from other labels using the compilation has a hunting ground for new talent.

If you want to submit a song for this compilation then 'obey' to these simple guidelines for submission:

on audio CD(R) to: ALFA MATRIX - (Endzeit submission) - Seba DOLIMONT, 32 avenue Albert Jonnart, 1200 Brussels, Belgium. (they do NOT accept registered post!)
Or if you prefer, you may send MP3's or download links to your music files (make sure to name your files like this: BAND_NAME_song_title) to . Mention your band name in the subject of your mail + the mention "Endzeit submission"
Or share a Dropbox folder with
Deadline for submissions: 15th May 2012 (but as usual: first in first served!). Please note that preference goes to previously unreleased tracks/mixes when available. Release date is set for this Autumn.
Posted on 19 Apr 2012 by Jason
Alfa Matrix launch 3rd issue of MATRIX REVELATIONS

Alfa Matrix has released the 3rd issue of "Matrix Revelations". This label magazine gives you a perfect insight on the latest releases and offers a preview of what is to come.

Be sure reading interviews with all of the bands releasing new albums + with bands who have been busy working on new material.

Included as well are news bits that we gathered for this brand new issue.

You can get this new issue here.
Posted on 19 Apr 2012 by Jason
Alfa Matrix launch 4 new EPs from Alien Vampires, Essence Of Mind, 32Crash and Komor Kommando
Alfa Matrix has announced the release of 4 digital EPs. The bands involved include Essence Of Mind, Alien Vampires, 32Crash and Komor Kommando. Note that the 32Crash "Hyperreal" EP has more tracks than the recently released vinyl EP.

Here are the individual iTunes links:

ALIEN VAMPIRES - 'clubbers die younger' EP
KOMOR KOMMANDO - 'Boomtscheekah - remix EP'
ESSENCE OF MIND - 'In the night EP'
32CRASH - 'Hyperreal' Mini-LP
Posted on 19 Apr 2012 by Jason
Helalyn Flowers release preview 'Before the Sunshine' track

Helalyn Flowers have launched an exclusive preview of the new track "Before The Sunshine", taken from the band's upcoming album.

You can already get the track on the "Sounds from the Matrix 012" compilation which is now out as a low-priced 19-track on iTunes, Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon DE (and other download stores).

Helalyn Flowers are the Italian duo N0emi Aurora (vocals) and Max (music). Since 2007 they have been releasing a couple of albums that were especially well received in the indie pop rock scene, thanks to the mix of electronics and rock with NOemi's luscious vocals (and looks!).

A band to check out if you haven't done already! Check a preview of the new song right here.

Posted on 30 Mar 2012 by Jason
Alfa Matrix signs Mari Chrome (feat Invisible Limits singer) in a production by John fryer

In 2007 the talented electronic musician Kai Otte and renown female singer Marion Aseema Kuchenmeister started their new band: MARI CHROME.

Their debut-album "Georgy#11811" was inspired by the cult sci-fi movie “Metropolis” and is now about to be released by Alfa Matrix this spring 2012!

Produced by John Fryer (DEPECHE MODE, HIM, NINE INCH NAILS, SKINNY PUPPY, etc.), this project showcases the unmatchable voice of INVISIBLE LIMITS singer (one of the most successful German electro-wave acts of the eighties) and the catchy powerful electro arrangements of Kai Otte. The powerful E-Guitar on some songs was recorded by guest musician Chai Deveraux (JESUS ON EXTASY).

With songs in English and German, MARI CHROME offers a fresh mixture of solid EBM, melodic trance synths, dark atmospheres and strong emotional vocals. It's dark electro pop music with an edge like no-one is playing it today!
Posted on 11 Jan 2012 by Jason
Aiboforcen release extended download only EP 'L'errance'
It took the band 7 years to complete their new studio album "Dedale" and today Aiboforcen knock again on your door with a nice pre-Christmas present: the exclusive digital-only 12-track album "L'Errance" on which the Belgian act reveals an extended mix of their recent U2 cover, but also a reprise of Joy Division's "She's Lost Control" with Claus Kruse of PNE as lead singer.

Also included is a cover of Virgin Prunes' "Sandpaper Lullabye" with French musician Jacquy Bitch as guest vocalist. "L'Errance" also features alernative versions of several "Dedale" songs, plus some remix work by Technoir, M3D, Isis Signum, Interface or yet Pre:Emptive Strike 01.

You can get this EP on iTunes, Amazon UK, Amazon USA and Amazon DE. Note that this EP has 8 tracks more than the extra EP that was given with the first pre-orders of the "Dedale" 2CD.
Posted on 17 Jul 2011 by Jason
Side-Line Magazine launches 'FACE THE BEAT VOL.1' free download compilation... on Facebook only!

It's with great pleasure that Side-Line can announce you the first volume in the "Face The Beat" series! This massive compilation is available now on the Side-Line Facebook page for FREE download (either song per song or as one ZIP file).

To make it a true Side-Line Facebook page release, we focused on acts active in the social graph of the Side-Line Facebook page at . That's right, the bands come from the 38.000+ people that follow our news on Facebook on a daily basis. As such it's the first Facebook compilation to see the light of day in this scene and the first overall on such a scale.

We received no less than 1258 submissions (minus the ones that didn't fit the bill so to speak)! From those we picked 50 tracks (plus 5 bonus tracks) from bands that according to us deserve your attention. Note that the compilation does not have an A to Z tracklist, instead we invite you to use the shuffle feature as much as possible to discover this material from different angels.

Compiler Bernard Van Isacker: "The idea behind the compilation is to create a platform through which we can offer our readers access to bands that they have often never heard of before. We already bring news on a very 'own' way, it will be the same with this compilation, so expect bands you never heard of with an own sound. We were lucky enough that several labels agreed to join in to push this compilation and invest in the new breed of bands by giving us tracks from their catalogue as well. The result: a solid 55-track long voyage through the musical minds of our Facebook page fans. One thing is sure, Facebook is ready for being used as a music platform, this compilation is the proof."

The artwork was executed by 4611525, an upcoming graphic artist who has been doing work for several high shot companies and who emerges
from the UK underground art movement. His design is pure, clean and to the point. Exactly what we wanted. Since posting the artwork on Facebook we have received praises and criticism. That is the spirit of Side-Line.

Here is the band list in alphabetical order: [de:ad:cibel], 8 Digital, Alien Vampires, Alpha Point, amGod, Armageddon Dildos, Bella Lune, Bête Noire, Blackhouse & Hypnoskull, Canal Pop, Chaos All Stars, Corporate Soldiers, DarkDriveClinic, Daybehavior, Decayed Reflection, Defence Mechanism, DI*ove, Diffuzion, Distorted Reality, Doom Generation, DRIL, Electro Spectre, Empusa ft Miss FD, Freakangel, h.exe, Halo In reverse, Harvey & the moon, head-less, Human Steel, In Black, Inertia, Kant Kino, Kommander D, Komor Kommando, Krystal System, Malakwa, My Secret Machine, Necrotek, Notstandskomitee, Novakill, P24, PaPerCuts, Psy'Aviah, Razorfade, Reizstrom, Schwarzblut, SMP, The Adamski Kid, The Mask Of Sanity, TourdeForce, Transatlantik, Umilenie, Xperiment

Hit and download the compilation right now!

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