JH Music are an artist representation company based in London, England. It was formed in 2008 due to the growing concern of a crumbling music industry. With the current situation it was becoming harder and harder for bands to become successful and fully fund themselfs with their work. JH Music believes that something needs to start taking place now before it reaches a stage where the only bands able to succeed are those who are able to completely fund themselves.

JH Music are mainly based around the goth and industrial genres. Despite this being the main focus of the company, other alternative music genres may be accepted if a high impression is made. JH Music are happy to work with any artist, no matter what your size. They have previously successfully worked for both signed and unsigned artists, delivering the same top quality result every time.

The main aims of JH Music are to help bands get themselves into better positions, no matter how successfull they currently are. As a result JH Music offer the following services:
- Bookings
- Crew Work
- Fan Relations
- Management
- Professional Guidance
- Promotion
- Reviewings

If JH Music do not offer the exact service you require, please feel free to get in contact as a range of other top quality companies, including Graphic Design, PR and Photography can be recomended.

Jason Hayselden
JH Music